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21.07.2020, 19:33
Hi there, My husband Allan Vining is the only son of kerttu Stenroos (1927 - 2010) Kerttu married Malcolm Vining and moved to Belfast for her whole married life. Kerttu's father, Otto Jalmari Stenroos was murdered in 1938 when she was 11 years old and her brother Heimo was 7rs old, Her mother Suoma (Saaristo) went on to marry again and had 3 more children. (Pekka, Pirrko and Sirrka) Sirrka moved to Belfast and married there. She died in February 2019. We are trying to find any information about Allans grandfather Otto Jalmari Stenroos and any other family that there may be, he doesn't know about please. Does anyone have a photo at all of Otto they would be willing to share online? We appreciate any help given.
23.07.2020, 22:26
Suoma Vilhelmina Tamminen 1908–1997 Born 4 APR 1908 • Merikarvia, Alakylä Died 17 JAN 1997 • Merikarvia married 20 Nov 1927 • Merikarvia Otto Jalmari Stenroos 1903–1938 Born 3 JAN 1903 • Merikarvia Died 19 JAN 1938 • Merikarvia
23.07.2020, 22:28
Their son: Heimo Johannes Stenroos 1932–2004 Born 7 OCT 1932 • Merikarvia Died 12 JAN 2004 • Merikarvia
23.07.2020, 22:39 Kerttu Kaarina Vining (born Stenroos), 1927 - 2010 Kerttu Kaarina Vining (born Stenroos) was born on month day 1927, at birth place, to Otto Jalmari Stenroos and Suoma Vilhelmina Saaristo e. Stenroos (born Tamminen). Otto was born on January 3 1903, in Alakarvia. Suoma was born on April 4 1908, in Merikarvia. Kerttu had 4 siblings: Heimo Johannes Stenroos and 3 other siblings. Kerttu married Malcolm Vining on month day 1955, at age 27 at marriage place. Malcolm was born on July 6 1925, in Middlesborough Englsnd. They had 2 children. Kerttu passed away on month day 2010, at age 83 at death place.
23.07.2020, 23:36
Welcome to the Rogell ancestors, and also to the others of the Merikarvia ancestors. We are also linked by different ancestors, and are a bit close and distant relatives. Do not know if anyone in the Merikarvia area has any pictures of Otto Jalmar, or any relatives from there.

17.10.2020, 17:36
Thanks for your help, would really love a photo of otto if anyone can help, or any other information about him. Susan x
17.10.2020, 21:58
Hi, Susan. I now have the picture of Otto and Suoma. Found it in Merikarvia image archive. Picture 1506b
17.10.2020, 22:04
Susan, I took the picture to my own Facebook, then saved to my files on the computer.
17.10.2020, 22:33
pictures, 1503b Kerttu and her uncle Ville. Picture 1508b Kerttu Stenroos, and Suoma and her 2. husband Frans Saaristo and little girl Sirkka and Suoma and little girl Pirkko.

22.01.2021, 01:39
Thank you so much for sharing the photographs. They are amazing and fill in a space we had in my husbands tree. It means a lot. Would anyone happen to know of any surviving relatives of Otto still around? It would be unbelievable if there were. Thank you much for your help everyone, muchbappreciated, susan and Allan
28.04.2021, 11:32
Susan, I know Heimo and his wife Hilla and their four children, Raimo, Heli, Jorma and Jari. I visited Belfast with Heli some time 1987 or -88. I met Sirkka and Robin, but not your husband or his parents. I had frieds in Dublin and I spent some days there. Kerttu was my mothers friend. My mother told that someone in the village translated the loveletters at first. Kerttu has told that people in Belfast took her very varmly in to the family. "Our son brought the beautiful Snow Princess from The North to our family.